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HUG Feature: Kashoo, Kasey Bayne

Posted by Michael Steele

Apr 3, 2016 9:19:09 PM

Welcome! This is the first in a brand-new series in the Hubspot User Group, profiling some of the incredible marketers in Vancouver and the work they are doing with Hubspot.

Kashoo-1.pngOur first profile is on Kasey Bayne, Director of Marketing at Kashoo. Kashoo is Simple Cloud Accounting Software for Small Businesses, focused on the Do-It-Yourselfer.



Tell me a little about your team at Kashoo.

The Kashoo team has about 20 people in total, with 5 of those working on the marketing team. That includes a mix of customer success, product marketing, design, content, digital marketing, and community.

Why did you start using Hubspot for your marketing?

We had previously spent a lot of our marketing bandwidth doing things manually, like setting aside an hour on a Friday to email all new subscribers. We also were juggling a mishmash of tools: Mailchimp, Google Analytics, homegrown spreadsheets, et cetera. Our biggest tool painpoint was actually with emails to customers - as a SaaS company, our emails were sent through our app, meaning any changes I needed to made (even a typo) would go into a minimum-two-week dev cycle.

Our main goal was to empower our marketing team by automating and centralizing all that work. It also provided a single source of truth we could all reference, protecting us from a “hit-by-a-bus” scenario while still allowing team members to play to their strengths.

What’s one unique way you use Hubspot?

I’m glad you asked - in addition to managing our own website, we actually manage some of our partner’s landing pages in Hubspot as well. For example, with our partner Paychex, we manage both the form on their site here and the standalone landing page for both of us here. This allows us to lend those partners our marketing punch while maintaining control over our messaging.

What’s the most successful campaign you’ve run with Hubspot?

The biggest gamechanger campaign for our team was actually our onboarding series of emails. Previously, I would chunk out a batch of emails to send every Friday. In Hubspot, I was able to sequence emails based on when they signed up, and I was also able to put a lot of triggers in place based on the user’s activity. We will send them targeted emails based on usage statistics, what webinars they’ve attended, and so on.

This required a little work with our dev team to push over those custom fields, but the payoff has been big - with some testing, we’ve seen great conversion rates and open rates regularly over 50%.

How do you report on your marketing team's success?

We are definitely huge fans of metrics at Kashoo and take them very seriously. The actual numbers we report depends on the audience we’re reporting to - when reporting in a weekly all-company meeting, we’d report things like site visits and new customer reports. When we’re looking at things internally in the marketing team, we may get more granular with things like open and clickthrough rates. 

I find my favourite use for reporting in Hubspot isn’t necessarily the regular reports, though; it’s the ability to pull numbers and answer all kinds of questions on an ad-hoc basis. For that, I actually don’t use Hubspot’s “Reports” function - I report straight out of lists, using rolling date and field segments. I’m not sure if this is necessarily best practice but I find it works best for my needs!

Do you have any final thoughts to share?

Yes, I had to make the case internally to adopt Hubspot, which like any new tool always prompts team members to ask “why”. My answer was not just that Hubspot has the right features or good support - it was that the suite as a whole enables us to function as a world-class marketing organization. Before I was doing things that I knew weren’t necessarily the most efficient, or the types of things that people would ask you to speak about, but since transferring over I am truly able to say our marketing organization is one that I’m proud of.

Want to meet Kasey and other great marketers? Come to the Vancouver Hubspot User Group Meetup on April 7th!


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