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Welcome to the Re-Invented HUG Vancouver

Posted by Stephan Burckhardt

Mar 14, 2016 12:30:00 PM

As the market automation software provider HubSpot and its user community has grown worldwide, the HubSpot User Groups (HUG) have also developed and spread. There are now close to 150 HUGs worldwide and you can be part of ours in Vancouver by signing up here.

Our group has been running meetings for more than three years, and we fully intend to continue making it useful, fun, and worthwhile for participants. We are particularly glad to now have two co-leaders running the show (and launching this new site), Paula Skaper (Kintetix Media Communications), who has been the HUG leader for the past 18 months, and Stephan Burckhardt (Versio2 Digital Marketing).

Here is what HubSpot has to say about HUGs.


Meetings are often focused on a particular topic or aspect of inbound marketing using HubSpot as well as group sharing. We are excited to know that HubSpot speakers will be attending a number of BC-based conferences and events over the coming months.

HubSpot Speakers coming to BC

Presenters from its Cambridge, Mass. headquarters will be at the CIMC conference in Squamish on April 14-15, Social Media Camp in Victoria, May 5-7, the Unbounce Call-to-Action conference, June 19-21, and the Traction conference on June 23, both in Vancouver.

HUG Vancouver is working with HubSpot to make sure some of these speakers will attend, present  and answer questions at HUG meetups and is scheduling around the above conference dates.

Inbound marketing is becoming adopted as an expanding phenomenon worldwide with a growing community in British Columbia centered in its economic hub Vancouver. We will make efforts to also serve users in other parts of the province who may not be able to physically attend our meetings, e.g. from suburban Vancouver, the interior, and Vancouver Island. We do not encourage out-of-province membership with new members having to be approved by the co-leaders.

Why Attend a HUG Meeting

HUG meeting attendees will be able to enjoy a number of benefits of attending one of the regularly scheduled meetings throughout the year.

  • Build a network of users to openly share experiences and connect with
  • Learn best practices and how other users have mastered certain processes
  • Increase your competency in challenging aspects of strategy and implementation
  • Find out early about new tools HubSpot is rolling out on an ongoing basis
The focus of all meetings is on learning and exchanging experiences both successful and perhaps less so in order to better one’s use of this complex, sophisticated tool-suite and become better online marketers.

Please attend our next "Lunch 'n Learn" event on April 7 at Kashoo, 343 Railway Street #302, Vancouver by signing up either as an existing HUG member or a guest. We would love to see you and get your comments.

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