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Posted by Stephan Burckhardt

Jun 22, 2016 8:17:07 PM

We would like to thank the attendees of our last meeting on June 21 for coming despite the great weather and heavy traffic.  

The presentation slides about Growth-Driven Design that were shown at that meeting are embedded below for the benefit of all Vancouver HUG members, though their usefulness is somewhat limited without spoken commentary.

For readers interested in more in-depth information, please visit my new blog article to download the ebook on the subject written by GDD pioneer Luke Summerfield (edited and just published by Versio2 Digital Marketing).

As mentioned elsewhere, Luke will be attending our Vancouver HUG meeting on November 16 – more on that subject later in the year. His GDD training including lots of additional resources can be accessed here


Take this Quick GDD Survey and Help us Learn

We are conducting a brief survey about GDD and would very much appreciate your filling it in here. It takes three minutes and is anonymous. We will publish the results, which will also be useful input for areas Luke may wish to focus on in November.

Thank you for your interest in Hubspot and Growth-Driven Design. The next HUG meeting date is set for August 10th, same location, same time. We hope to see you then.

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